Welcome to Quite The Chap: Not Your Pappy’s Golf Instruction

I believe that everyone who holds a golf club in their hand wants to be better than they were yesterday. But we’re all hindered by… well, usually ourselves. We step up to the challenge of being our own greatest opponent. We mentally beat ourselves up, we think our way into confusion, and we make the simple very complex.

We do everything in our power to make golf as hard as it can be.

At Quite The Chap, I believe golf, in its simplest form, is about getting the ball in the hole.

I want you to get the ball in the hole with fewer strokes than your last round.

Quite The Chap is about upping your game. It’s about efficient and effective work, not about working hard, although you will be asked to do hard work.

This isn’t the place for the faint of heart or quick fixes. They don’t exist.

This is a place where the names “grinder” and “weekend warrior” are worn as badges.

At Quite The Chap, I believe that good golfers don’t come from pretty swings. There are no pictures on the scorecard just numbers. And lower scores are something you earn, and they’re something anyone can achieve.

Quite The Chap is here to inspire you, guide you to lower scores, prepare you to grind over that last putt, and make you want to be tougher than your competitor.

If you want this and more, I’d love for you to be a regular viewer.

I’ll be sharing drills, interviews with experts, product reviews, and case studies that will help you become a more consistent golfer.

For a practical and honest perspective on golf improvement sign up below. I’ll make it as fun as possible, after all this isn’t your Pappy’s golf instruction.