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The Secret To Golf


THE Secret to golf is the proper use of pixie dust.

The end of the year is fast approaching and I’ve been running around the internets plotting and organizing a bigger and better 2014 for Quite The Chap. Much to my surprise, while I was performing this information solicitation I came across The Secret to golf.

I’m not shitting you.

Actually I am because I didn’t come across just one secret, I came across many and they all claimed to be The Secret. How could I ignore this? I devoured each word of every article and came away with 1) a hangover and 2) a blurred vision (not from the hangover) of what some feel is The Secret to golf.

Lag. The Flat Spot Principle. Head Position. Knee Flex.

These are all very important when it comes to a better swing but are they THE secrets to better golf? Hmm…

The closest thing I found to an actual secret was the advice from Tom Beeler who suggests finding the closest PGA Professional and hiring them to help you get better.

Now call me a cynic. A sarcastic ass. A mocker of Pixie Dust Believers. But the reality is that I do in fact believe there is a secret to golf. I call it “Being Fundamentally Sound” and performing “Deliberate Practice“.

More mockery? No, absolutely not.

I truly believe that if golfers, anyone who is seriously waning to improve, properly used the fundamentals of golf and performed regular check-ups on themselves that they would in fact become better golfers.

Instead of seeing someone at the driving range pull out something as simple as alignment sticks to make sure they are properly aligned to their target, I see them pull out the big dog and swing like they are trying to suck the surrounding atmosphere into the vortex of their swing.

In short, they are at the range to smash that worn out range ball into another area code.

Instead of fixing any issues they are most likely compounding the ones they already have and creating more.

But if we keep it simple we don’t have to worry about compounding our problems. We only have to focus on the issues that we can control- our fundamentals.

I understand working on and doing regular check-ups can be boring but that is exactly the hard work of becoming a better golfer.

My own opinion is that becoming a better golfer isn’t about working hard at the range, pounding balls. I believe it’s about working smart and doing the hard work. The monotonous work. The work that everyone else doesn’t want to put the time into for one reason or another.

If you want 2014 to be a better year on the scorecard, take the time and do regular check-ups on the simplest parts of your game. Have a PGA Professional check your grip, stance, ball position, etc., etc. It will feel labored at times but you’ll come out of these sessions more focused and grounded, which will translate into more confidence on the course.

Or you can send me a certified check for $99.99 and I’ll send you a bag of pixie dust. Thank you and please shop with me again.