The Putter Wheel Review: watch at your own risk


Two point five million years ago the wheel was invented. I can only imagine this was the catalyst for the creation of golf and the life-long torture of trying to get a tiny ball into a not-much-bigger hole far far away.
Since its initial conception, golf and everything related to it has evolved and transformed into a game that, well, still tortures anyone who gets sucked in and obsessed about mastering it.
The advancement of golf equipment, which you think would help us, only allows us to hit our ball further… into the trees. That’s fun.
Putter WheelThen along comes a company that creates a golf training aid reminiscent of the initial creation that set this all in motion, the wheel, and from that comes the Putter Wheel.

This is a tool that promotes solid square contact with your putter and gives instant feedback if you’re off. No over analyzing, it’s simple.
Click the video for the full, slightly entertaining, review.


The Putter Wheel works great on the Birdieball Putting Green, especially when it’s cold as balls out. Improve your putting in the comfort of your own home with both products.