The Desert Increases My Swing Speed

Rain rain go away bring me 5 more miles per hour today!

Increasing my driver swing speed is the goal. How I get there, no one knows…but we have a bit of an idea.

Unfortunately the weather has wreaked havoc on my swing speed drills so I’ve been relegated to our condo’s parkade and our living room. This doesn’t stop the progress.

But one can only take some much rain so I decided to head to Las Vegas to work on increasing my swing speed. Maybe the warm weather will loosen me up and help get me an extra few miles per hour with the driver.

No definitive evidence has been gathered that these drills are in fact increasing my swing speed but I’m hoping we can get a definitive reading on my swing in the next video.

Music by:
Broke For Free
‘And Add’

Music by:
Elvis Presley
‘Viva Las Vegas’