Stop Misaligning to the Hole, & Ruining Your Life!

Have you hit a putt that didn’t go where you were aiming because you weren’t actually aiming there, and if you knew you were aiming where you were actually aiming and not aiming where you wanted to aim, you would’ve realigned yourself so you were aiming where you first thought you were aiming, and actually wanted to aim?

Who knows, if you were aiming where you thought you were aiming, you might’ve sunk the putt.

Great grips and beautiful strokes don’t mean a damn thing if you’re not lined up properly. 

So let’s make sure we’re lined up properly by doing a 10 point inspection… it’s not just for your cars… and it’s not actually 10 points.

This video contains a very simple drill and will come across as rather silly but if you’re having troubles aligning yourself to the hole properly this is part of the hard work. I consider it hard work and not working hard because it’s a simple, rather silly, fundamental with a simple remedy. I go more in-depth on “hard work vs working hard” in the Better Practice eBook in the Toolkit.

If you want to shave a few strokes off your handicap this is a great place to start. Three to four feet from the hole with a drill that gives you instant feedback.

If you’re finding that you’re a little inconsistent with this drill try pairing it with the CRACKER BOX DRILL.


  • putter
  • ball
  • two (2) extra clubs 3 iron & 4 iron preferably
  • apply patience liberally

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Birdieball Indoor Greens: If you want to get great you have to have the greatest. And you can get the greatest without paying the greatest… amount. I’ve been using this green for several months now and wouldn’t choose anything else.  

Episode Notes:

If you’re looking for some written material that goes in-depth about alignment check out what Better Golf By Better Putting has to say on the matter. In this article, they cover everything from Spot Putting to double checking which eye is the Dominant Eye.

Marius Filmalter, putting coach to the Pros (including Tiger), has a very simple drill for more consistency, when it comes to aligning yourself to the hole properly. This particular drill can be done on the golf course as opposed to just on the practice green.