Simply Sweep Your Putts To Develop Feel


“Feel” is often a word thrown around when discussing putting. But is “Feel” something you can teach yourself? In this video I’m betting on it. 

Developing feel shouldn’t be thought of as Philip Marlowe from a Raymond Chandler novel- forever mysterious.

It’s easier to develop than you think.

I’ve heard the debate between players who “use feel” and those who are “mechanical.” I call B.S. on both. You can’t have feel without first having mechanics, and you can’t have proper mechanics without having some sort of feel.

At the end of the day feel is derived from a combination of experience and proper mechanics. This video will help you get in touch with your “feel” a little quicker.

There’s also a bonus, a second benefit to this drill… and possibly a third. Check out the video and get all the entertaining details.

Keep Your Putting Simple With These Simple Drills!

Episode Notes:

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