Simplified Swing Speed

Faster, Faster, Faster, Faster

There are over one million google search results when it comes to ‘increasing my speed’ and I’ve plowed through at least six of them. So I’ve felt that it was time to simplify the process of trying to increase my swing speed by narrowing the drills down to only two.

For some reason golf/golf instruction/golf anything has become laughably complicated and so what better way to say enough than by over simplifying.

Increasing my swing speed for the next 4 weeks will now consist of one headless golf club and an upside down golf club…and that’s it.

I’m not interested in all the complications…yet. We’re focused strictly on swing speed and swing speed only. We’ll get to the other nuggets next.

Music by:
Broke For Free
‘Things to Come’
‘Add And’
‘I have no affiliation with these guys but I love their music!’