Set A Goal And Take Action, Immediately, As In Now

Setting a goal doesn’t guarantee a positive outcome. We’ve all come to that realization on about January 15th… of every year. In order to achieve said goal, it needs to be acted upon passionately with a definite end date.

In order for you to attain your goal(s), it helps if it meets three criteria before action is taken:

 1.  a goal that inspires passion (a.k.a- fun)
 2. a goal that is clear
 3.  a goal that is measurable

This goal that is clear and measurable that you are passionate about has to then be broken down into actionable steps.

Here is a simple effective guide to help you achieve a lower handicap in 2014!

1) Brainstorm

Sit down and write out all the goals that you would like to attain when it comes to your golf game. Anything and everything should go on this list.

Be sure not to judge yourself and the goals you’ve written down, that is a recipe for instant failure before you’ve even started.

You have permission to dream big.

Here are five vague goals of mine:

– Break 66
– Hit my drives further
– Be more accurate with my long irons
– Improve my bunker play
– Monday qualify for a Canadian Tour Event

2) Goal Setting

Out of all the potential goals you’ve written down pick the one goal that would make your golf game more fun.

That’s right, more fun. You might be of the opinion that hitting the ball 300 yards is more fun that shooting 78.

Pick the goal that will be the most fun and that’s what will drive you to attain it.

Make your goal clear and measurable with a definite date you’ll attain it by.

Even though it doesn’t seem like fun, I’ve picked “improve my bunker play”, because I know that with its improvement I have a chance of achieving a couple of my goals.

Improve my bunker play is generic and vague.

“I will hit 65% of my greenside bunker shots to within 5 feet of the hole, by June 15, 2013.”

…is very precise, measurable, and has a defined date to achieve it by.

3) Take Action Today

What can you do today to take the first step towards attaining your shiny new goal?

Take that step, now, today, immediately. Do not delay.

The longer you delay, the more likely you won’t take any action at all.

My steps might include:

1. Today (always take immediate action) I could contact a PGA Teaching professional to evaluate my bunker play.
2. I will ask for specific drills or instruction to better my bunker play after the evaluation.
3. I will practice this drill deliberately daily/weekly (set aside a specific amount of time: 30 minutes every 2 days on focused practice).
4. I will have the PGA Teacher reevaluate my progress.
5. I will ask for a second/third specific drill to work on to further my improvement.
6. I will practice these drills daily/weekly.
7. I will measure my progress when I’m on the course by keeping track of my green-side bunker shots and their proximity to the hole.

Share your goals in the comments section below and keep me posted on your progress.

2014 is THE year!

Photo Credit: Tower Ranch, Kelowna, BC