Rule Of Thumb: Stick a Thumb In It To Alleviate Bad Putting

Have you had that moment where your putting just doesn’t feel right? Sometimes that moment can last an entire round, but it doesn’t have to. Stick your thumb in it and focus on getting the ball in the hole and your brain will thank you for it.

Remember those times when you sank anything and everything you stepped up to? If someone asked you what you were thinking, you’d probably say, “nothing” or “sinking the putt” and that’s exactly what you should be thinking of.

What you shouldn’t be thinking of is:

  • How far back is my stroke going?
  • Remember to follow-through.
  • Don’t hinge your wrists.
  • Why am I wearing horizontal stripes?

The best way to clear a cluttered mind is to stop thinking, but tell yourself to stop thinking and you’ll most likely begin to over-think. So how do you stop thinking?


Focus on your thumb. Check out the video for the exact and simple details…

What you need:

  • Putter
  • Ball
  • And a thumb… seriously, it’s a necessity.

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