Never Up, Never In: Hit The Sweet Spot More Often

Doesn’t it feel so good when we hit the sweet spot? It should.

I think part of the reason that it feels so good is because it happens so infrequently. I want to solve this issue. I want you to tap the sweet spot every time you pull the putter out of the bag

We take hitting the sweet spot on our putter for granted when we’re faced with 3-6 footer but what happens when we get back 20-50 feet. That’s where the s$&t hits the fan.

Here is a simple drill that will literally force you to hit the sweet spot more often. Literally this drill will show up at your front door and force you…. I digress.

It’s a simple drill that will “encourage” you to hit the sweet spot on any length of putt.

What you need:

  • Putter
  • Ball
  • Two (2) Tees
  • Two (2) push pins if you’re using an artificial green
  • And courage, just because