Christmas Golf

11 Items On My Christmas Wish List

That time of year is fast approaching. Bells jingling. Kris kringling. People giving. If Christmas brings out the joy in giving I would love to give you the joy of giving… to me. Here is a list of golf products that I either have and enjoy or wish to have, that I think any golfer would wish to have.

I do not profit from any of these links.


Foursum- Free

If you’re looking for the coolest new golf app to hit the industry, look no further. Foursum is the new kid on the block and he’s pretty cool. Not only does this smart phone app act as your caddie, giving you yardages, it acts as your personal motivator, allowing you to earn achievements, a commentator announcing your position on the leaderboard, and it acts as your message board where your fans (friends) can congratulate you on your great round. AND IT’S FREE!


Goorin Hats- $12.50- $160

GoorinYou may have noticed that I wear hats. I like my hats and a Goorin hat usually adorns me. They have a huge assortment for every season and if you want to standout from the crowd who is usually wearing the brand of ball they play on thier head, then get on over to Goorin for some uniqueness.


Bogey Box Golf- $29.99/month

BogeyBoxThe only golf goodies subscription service that I know of. For $29.99/month a Bogey Box will show up on your doorstep like a beautiful newborn waiting to be played with. Inside this gift box is a variety of golf related paraphernalia to inject into your golfing lifestyle and overdose on enjoyment.


Birdieball Green- $39-$549

BirdieIf you’re into improving your game in the comforts of your own home then look no further than the birdieball greens. They are light, portable, and offer a beautifully true roll. Not only that, they are one of the most affordable greens out there with the best customer service. John and his crew go the extra mile to make you happy.


Seamus Headcovers- $45-$185

SeamusThese are the coolest headcovers out there. Full Stop. Handmade by a lovely couple in Oregon, Seamus Headcovers stand out from the crowd with their simple yet outstanding materials. Plaid, Southwestern, Tweeds galore. If you want to stand out from the crowd, these will definitely get you started.


Scotch & Whiskey- who cares 

Whiskey-ScotchYes please. I like me some Jameson Whiskey. And I like me some 12 year, Fine Oak MaCallan. ‘Nef said.





Seamus inspired Jones Golf Bag- $299

Jones-BagWhen I get this bag, I will celebrate with a Jameson Whiskey and brag to all my friends about it on Foursum. I’ve had a Jones bag since 1997 and have had a hard time trying to replace it. Until now. It’s a waxed canvas walker with brass fittings, and a customized tanned leather label. It would be a great compliment to your Seamus Headcovers.



Bushnell V3- $299

Bushnell-V3If you’re now looking for exact yardages because you read my post about knowing your averages then this is your ticket. I’ve never had a laser rangefinder but have enjoyed the use of one, and frankly it was awesome. Apparently that 158 yard hole is actually 123 with a front pin and 169 with a back pin. Who knew?


Mizuno MP-64/4 combo set- $1099

MizunoI’ve been playing the same set of Mizuno irons (MP-14) since 1997 and couldn’t imagine playing anything else. Bias? Absolutely. So in this case I would like a combo set of Mizuno MP-64 (4 iron – 6 iron) and Mizuno MP-4 (7 iron- PW). Nothing beats the soft and consistent feel of Mizunos grain flow forged irons.


Kukui’ula Cottage Golf Community- $2,000,000

Kukui'ulaYou just have to take one look at this photo to know why this is on my Christmas list. Tom Weiskopf designed this picture perfect golf course on the island of Kauai on over 216 acres of rolling paspalum grass. Holes play through orchards, gardens and native landscape, with spectacular ocean views as part of every shot. Hmm, I’ll take two please.


Honda Jet- Priceless

HondaHow else are we going to get to our cottage on Kauai with our new clubs, a sack full of whiskey, and all our friends on Foursum?