Jump In My Swing Speed

Increasing my swing speed has not been easy.

It’s been a constant battle to acquire even the smallest gains.

I worked pretty hard for three weeks and I think that it took a toll on my body. So, I took five days off. No swing speed drills. No golf. I did however work on the exercises that I picked out that are specific to swing speed and better shoulder mobility.

After my mini-break I clocked in my swing speed this weekend and I got the slightest increase. This is a win. No matter how small the gain in my swing speed, I’m celebrating.

This little adventure has been fun and if I can sustain these increases I can honestly say that I’ve gained roughly 15 yards of carry. Based on the numbers I’ve seen on Trackman, I’d say that I’ve picked up closer to 20 yards of carry.

If anyone tries to sell me on an increase of 30 yards in 30 days, I’d have to ask what is it that I’m doing wrong right now. I’m your average 9-5’er who’s putting in a lot of work and I’ve seen 15-20 yards in six weeks. I don’t buy it.

If increasing your swing speed was so easy, wouldn’t someone like Luke Donald or Brian Gay be all over it. Luke Donald has stated that he’s focused on increasing his driving distance and at the end of the day he abandoned it to focus on his short game because he wasn’t seeing the results he wanted.

If you want to increase your swing speed, start now, and work for it.

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