I Screwed Up My Swing Speed

Increasing my swing speed wasn’t going to be easy

But today I made it more difficult than it needed to be. Technology clouded my brain…I think…yeah, I’ll use that excuse.

Today was just an off day. Not only could I not get my body ‘activated’ but I forgot how to run a very simple device. And at the end of the day, it’s not about the device, it’s about increasing my swing speed.

I actually did quite a bit of work this last week on increasing my swing speed by strength training and stretching on a regular basis. I added two new stretches to the routine, one that works on loosening the lower body (the gluten) and one that helps loosen and strength the rotator cuff and shoulder.

Both of these stretches are to facilitate a faster swing speed but obviously not over night. It takes diligence and patience to see the end results. Anyone claiming that an extra 10-15 MPH is achievable in mere days is out to lunch. It takes time.

I’m in my sixth week on this journey to increase my swing speed and I’ve added 5 MPH. So far I believe the overspeed training is working the best. That doesn’t mean that I’m dumping the flexibility/strength training, it’s just that I can see/feel the overspeed training work.

More than anything I can HEAR the overspeed training work. Whipping the club headless shafts around almost like cracking a whip gives great insight into where the club head is reaching it’s maximum speed.

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