How To Change Your Grips With An Air Compressor

For those of you that live in a condo, like myself, and are tired of waking up on the bathroom floor after blacking out from the fumes of the Mineral Spirits from changing your grips… for the third time that afternoon, or anyone who likes to fiddle and tweak (not twerk) with their clubs (this is a runaway sentence), I have a simple solution.

An Air Compressor.

No, I’m not blowing hot air up your skirt.

You can use an air compressor to easily put grips on and take them off. I particularly like using this method because it’s not messy.

  • No need for double sided tape.
  • No need for mineral spirits.
  • No need to need to change into a hazmat suite while doing it.

In this video, I show you how simple this method is. Even if you like the smell of Mineral Spirits, I think you’ll like this method even more.

Tire InflatorAfter I shot this particular video, I exchanged the bigger compressor for this little tire inflator. Even at the priddly price of $39.00, it works like a charm.
Try it, you can’t screw it up. And I find it’s a lot quicker than the conventional method.

If you did in fact try it let me know how it went. Leave a comment.