Are You Being Too General With Your Putting?

The Generals can really take a toll on your golf game and you might not even know you’re suffering from them. You’ll be happy to know that there is a cure and it doesn’t require horse pills or an enema (unless you’re into that sort of thing). Just a giant dose of specificity!

All too often I see golfers step up to a tee shot and smack it in the “direction” of the fairway and their putting is no different. They tend to smack it towards the “general direction” of the hole. “Good read Veej” (inside joke: Vijay Singh completely misread a putt by about a bazillion feet on the front portion of #8 at the 2005 Masters and me and my brother-in-law still laugh about it).

This “general direction” thing might work, sometimes. But if they only knew they could shave a few strokes off their game by getting specific.

Pick a tiny little target right at the edge of the hole where you want the ball to roll over and in, and try and hit that. If you miss, you still have a chance of making the putt.

In the video I guide you to hit three or four footers for this drill but it works the same for 5, 10, 25, 50 footers. Pick a specific target. Specific.

And it’s no different with your chipping, pitches, approaches, and drives. Pick a specific target. The entire green is not a specific target, but the right front quadrant is.

For this drill you need:

  • Putter
  • Ball
  • Specificity Dots (aka- loose leaf reinforcements… yes they still sell these things)
  • If you have tunnel vision, that will help too

Quite The Chap doesn’t make any money from the great products below. I mention them because I use them and have enjoyed success with them.

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