Learn How to Control Your Putting Distances

Controlling your distances on the greens can be tricky but it’s also very important. You’ll finding it frustrating and draining if you have the correct direction but the wrong speed. I got a little somethin’ somethin’ for ya to take care of this. 

This drill comes at the request of fellow Chap, Travis Buchanan, who asked about power and how to control how far the ball travels. Being specific with your line is very important and just as important is making sure your speed is correct.

You’ll give yourself the best chance to sink putts if the ball travels at a pace that would have it finish 10-16 inches past the hole. This is the “industry” standard.

At this pace is has less of a chance to waiver off line and also is going slow enough that it has more of the hole to fall into.

The drill in this video is very simple (just like this preamble) and will give you the much needed practice and experience to get the ball to roll the correct distance more consistently.

If you really wanted to give yourself a workout, pair this up with the Towel exercise from the Subscriber Toolkit.

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For this drill you need:

  • Putter
  • Three (3) Balls
  • Two (2) Tees
  • One (1) Iron

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