Can A Cracker Box Improve Your Putting…?

Nobody ever likes to be called Flippy, especially when it comes to their putting.

There is no reason to grease up the joints in your wrist to ensure a smooth putting stroke. In fact if you let them rust to the point where they can’t move, that would be recommended.

Static wrists is what you are looking for in your stroke. Any kind of minor break down can lead to drastic misses on the greens.

This exercise is simple, straight forward, and efficient.

Your leading hand mimics the putter face and should be held square to the line for as long as possible on the back stroke and, more importantly, at impact through the ball.

What you need:

  • Putter
  • Ball
  • Cracker Box
  • And wrists… obviously

Special thanks to:
Birdieball Greens USA …click the link to check them out!