Build Your Ideal Golf Swing From Your Couch

Can you picture your best swing in your mind

Can you do it while laying on your couch?

Of course you can. Unfortunately, we often replay that one bad swing that resulted in a terrible shot. The shank. The chunk. The push-block-50 yard slice. And we replay it, and replay it, and replay it, so it’s seared into our minds.

I’d like to replace these nightmares with something dreamy.

Creative Visualization is used on a regular basis by the modern day athlete. There was a lot of talk last week at the Accenture Match Play Championship about how Jason Day visualizes every shot before he steps up to the ball. If you watched any of his matches you could actually see him visualizing. 

And. He won. 

To take it a step further, those crazy Russians created one of the most well known studies on creative visualization in sports when Russian scientists compared four groups of Olympic athletes, in terms of mental and physical training, and this occurred:

  • Group 1 received 100% physical training.
  • Group 2 received 75% physical training and 25% mental training.
  • Group 3 received 50% mental training and 50% physical training.
  • Group 4 received 75% mental training and 25% physical training.

Remarkably but probably not unimaginable with this challenge title, Group 4 had the best performance results, demonstrating that mental training or visualization can have momentous, measurable effects on performance abilities.

And so I challenge you…

Instead of doing this on the golf course right before our shot we’re going to do it on our couches over the next 30 days. 

My biggest difficulty with this exercise was/is keeping focused. Am I alone here? I was visualizing my ideal swing and then all of a sudden I was visualizing a steak dinner.

In conversations with world renowned Dr. Lee Pulos, this is natural and shouldn’t be discouraged. The more we fight it, the more it’ll frustrate us and ultimately do more harm than good. Dr. Pulos’ advice it to become aware that we’ve lost focus and then bring our concentration back to our breathing before focusing on the specific task at hand.

I’d love to hear from you! 

How did your experience with this challenge go? 

Did you find it hard to concentrate? Could you actually visualize your swing? Did you “feel” a noticeable difference when you went out to play next? 

Share as much detail as possible as I think we probably all had different experiences with this challenge.