How One Armed Putting Can Help You


Tiger’s doing it! Steve’s doing it! You can do it too! A one armed putting drill to help improve yourself on the greens.

There was a lot of coverage of Tiger Woods on the practice putting greens this past year as he successfully climbed back to number one in the world. There was speculation that he would never achieve the top spot again because of shoddy putting but that changed one fateful day when Steve Stricker stepped in and gave him a lesson.

From that day on Tiger’s putting jumped to another level and so did the coverage of him before and after rounds on the putting green. We often saw Tiger four to five feet from the hole knocking in putt after putt with a one armed swing.

Coincidentally after Steve schooled his fellow competitor on the greens, coverage of Stricker performing the same drill, albeit the opposite arm, appeared more frequently too.

Now if two of the best putters in the game are practicing a simple drill such as this, I think it would behoove us to do the same.

This simple drill has three benefits:

1. It promotes a swing with little wrist action
2. It teaches us to release the putter after impact
3. It will give us insight into which is our dominant arm

Now these guys are playing four rounds a week, plus practice rounds, plus practicing; they are well-oiled machines.

We’re two-stroke engines that need a little help, so I’ve added a little twist to this drill to help make it a little easier.