11 Posts For Spring Training Your Golf Game

Spring is here! Or at least it’s suppose to be. If you’re like me, you’re itching to get this season into full swing.

I’ve compiled 11 posts from around the interwebs that cover most of the gambit of golf that should have you prepped and ready to go.

Dig in your bag, dust your balls off, and get in the swing of things. For all you know your competition started last week.


This post is all about hitting the sweet spot. If you’re not hitting the sweet spot how do you expect to be consistent on the dance floor.

Short Game Fun:

Here are some challenges/games to keep you from dying of boredom on the putting green.


Are you a pusher or a puller? Weird question right? Well Sean Foley does a better job explaining it in this drill for your chipping.


When you address your ball do you look more like you’re ready for tea and biscuits or like you’re going to tackle the flag? To be perfectly honest you shouldn’t look like either.


Grab a dry erase felt marker and follow along with Martin Hall as he draws pictures on his glove. Trust me, it’s going to help you your accuracy and consistency.


This drill is a Steve Stricker favourite and one you can do in your living room without getting yelled at. Trust me I tried it already.


Jason “The Duff” Dufner is going to show you how to hit nice controlled wedges via Andrew Rice, who has tons of info when it comes to wedges and wedging it close.


I’m not a huge Johnny Miller fan. I find him slightly annoying. I also find him slightly genius when it comes to hitting great iron shots.


Adam Scott. ‘Nuff said.


Oh yes, by the time you’re done with the first ten, you’re going to need the 11th. NOBODY WORKS ON THEIR MENTAL GAME. Work on it and you’re ahead of, well, everybody.